Q1. How do I get extra scratch cards each month?

To get extra scratch cards your just need to purchase more gigs from Mega Stars. For every gig you purchase you will receive a scratch card.

Q2. How much can I win with the free scratch cards?

Our top prize each month is the set for life prize of $180,000USD but we also have many other prizes available. We have prizes from $1000 USD to $2USD.

Q3. What is the total payout each month on the free scratchies?

The amount varies as our member cloud base grows. As a promotion closes Mega Stars publicises on our website the prizes and the winners from the previous promotion.

Q4. How do I get my free scratch cards?

After joining our family of cloud users we issue free scratch cards to your account. You will find them in your back office after you log in via the web portal.

Q5. How do I collect my scratch card winnings?

Your scratch card winnings are transferred automatically to your Mega e wallet account. You can transfer the cash in your Mega e wallet directly to your personal debit card for which you can subscribe at Mega stars as soon as you have a balance of $50USD. This debit card can be used to withdraw cash from ATM’s and/or pay in stores all around the world.

Alternatively, you can request a direct credit to your Bank account ( fees will apply )

Q6. What happens I do not refer any friends?

Regardless whether or not you have referred friends to our cloud service we still issue you scratch cards for you to still have the chance to win up to $180,000 - every month! As long as you are still in the Mega Rewards Program.

Q7. How can I cancel my account?

You can terminate your registration at any time for the next month without any costs. Just send let us know through the contact us page.

Q8. What is the real power of the "Mega Stars Free Scratchies Program"?

  1. Every member will want to fill his first level with his 5 best friends as soon as possible. This means that even if every member signs up ONLY 5 FRIENDS your levels will fill automatically.
  2. The big differences with any other rewards program is that every member gets what he pays for instantly and that each member’s first level is only 5 positions wide. This means that your Sponsor will help you to AUTOMATICALLY fill the 5 positions in your level 1; and together with the friends below you they will also help to AUTOMATICALLY fill the other levels of you, your Sponsors and your friends! Any empty position in your levels will be filled faster than you can imagine!

  3. Every extra friend you or your friends sign up is placed on the first free position in your levels. For example: if your level 1 would be full, any extra member you would sign up is automatically placed on the first empty position in your level 2. The reward for this would not only be Free Bonus scratch card credits for you but ALSO for one of your close friends in level 1 and your mentors. This means that you do not have to worry who: you or a down-line friend: signs up a common friend. Whoever signs him up, you, your down-line friend and also your up-line mentors will all receive Free Bonus scratch cards credits.

Scratchie prizes you can win

Win AmountTickets
$180,000 USD
$5000 USD / Month for 3 years
$10,000 USD 3
$5,000 USD 20
$1,000 USD 50
$500 USD 100
$250 USD 200
$100 USD 500
$50 USD 500
$20 USD 500
$10 USD 500
$7 USD 1200
$5 USD 3000
$2 USD 5200

Demostration scratchie only

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